The Kearns Group, LLC

A higher level of productivity and efficiency for the aviation industry.

The Kearns Group offers superior expertise in business development, staffing solutions, and products that bring added value to the Aviation Industry.

Business Development

We offer a broad range of essential, operational, creative, and business development services to help your business create a foundation for growth.

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We offer qualified temporary or long-term talent to help businesses grow and stay competitive.

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We offer a wide range of products to increase efficiency in aircraft maintenance operations.

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Our business is about people

Establishing relationships, developing partnerships, and building winning teams is what we do. Our employees are family, our customers are our future, and our industry partners are teammates.

Our business has always been about people. Treating our employees as equals and partners in our efforts allows for a more honest approach to all that we do. Our clients are our livelihood-our reason for coming to work every day. Giving them the best, we can offer and understanding their needs are what drives our day to day operations.


Industry leaders trust The Kearns Group

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